Deciding to move

The decision to move to a dementia care home as well as the move itself involves stressful transitions for both older people and their carers. Use these tips when speaking to your loved one about the transition.

  • Stay positive and honest. Lying about the reasons for the move or pretending the stay is temporary will cause your loved one to lose trust in you.
  • Keep your communication simple. Give only as much detail as your loved one can comprehend. Too much information can be confusing and upsetting for someone with memory loss.
  • Involve your loved one where possible. Visit the chosen care home together prior to the move so you can observe how they interact and respond to the setting.


Sunrise has several decades of expertise in easing the transition to our care homes and making residents feel happy and secure in their new home. Come and talk to us and let us share our experience with you.

We're here to help you with any information we can. Simply contact your local care home to find out more.