Sunrise. Better by Design.

Interior design in a Sunrise care home is all about creating a real home from home. Comfortable, inviting, stylish, safe and elegant.

As well as looking good, every Sunrise care home also includes subtle design touches that help to make life easier for our residents. Colour contrasts, for instance, help make it easier for people with impaired vision to find their way around.

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In the meantime, meet the design team for our UK care homes.

Andrea Owensby

Andrea Owensby

Senior Director of Interior Design
NCIDQ Cert. No. 022510
With Sunrise Since 2005

"The best part of my job is that I get the opportunity to work with so many wonderful seniors and to share each of their unique perspectives on the design ideas we have. From a designer's point of view, designing for individuals who need beautiful living environments that are also functional is a real joy. 

The Sunrise mission - "to champion quality of life for ALL seniors" - is something that applies whether you're in the UK, the US or Canada. Wherever the Sunrise design team works, it is always rewarding knowing that, as a result of what we do, so many people are living fulfilled lives in spaces that have been designed with their safety and personal preferences in mind. Leading this team comes with a responsibility to improve on our design brand for our residents; I believe in the words of our founders that "the best senior living has yet to be invented." I get excited by the challenge to mix the best of the designs we know and love from the UK, the US and Canada to come up with a design brand that fits the needs of our residents universally."

Tracey Richards

UK Interior Design Manager
With Sunrise Since 2015

"Being able to make a difference to senior living by designing a safe, warm and loving environment is what drives me on a daily basis. I have been lucky enough to join Sunrise as their UK Interior Design Manager, where I will have an opportunity to merge the high design standards from the US with the site acquisitions in the UK.

I have been designing interiors for a number of years after completing a degree at the University of Derby, as well as attending a dementia design programme at the University of Stirling. This has given me a great understanding for senior dementia strategies."