Retirement Housing - What Are Your Options?

What We Can Do

  • Advice when you need it
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  • Here to listen, here to help.

Aware of the many challenges that come with the transition into care, Sunrise is on hand to offer carers advice that will make the change as straight forward as possible.

There are various types of retirement housing available to rent or purchase, with one of the most common being sheltered housing – usually a number of homes clustered together in schemes of 15 to 60.

There may be communal facilities such as a lounge, laundry, guest flat and garden and, while meals are not normally provided, some schemes do include a restaurant or can even arrange a hot meal. Assistance with domestic tasks and personal care will not generally be offered as a service.

With purchased accommodation there will often be additional fees for anything from warden service to maintenance of communal facilities, so it’s always worth checking exactly what is covered.

To find out more about sheltered housing choices we recommend visiting and the Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC) at

Care in a Residential Setting

Care homes (registered by the Care Quality Commission) and homes with care cater for the needs of seniors who are becoming frailer. They’ll no longer have the responsibility of running a normal household, and will benefit from assistance with the daily tasks of living.

Varying vastly in size and facilities, they provide living accommodation, meals, help with personal care, supervision of medication, companionship and someone on call at night.

The quality of accommodation and care can vary considerably. Sunrise offers high quality accommodation and care.

Because of the variation available it’s wise to research thoroughly, through visits, personal contacts, family and friends.

Care homes without nursing registration provide personal care. They can give care during normal short illnesses but do not provide constant nursing care. It’s a common misconception that people think a nursing home is required, when a home with care may actually meet an older person’s needs.

You can find a list of local care homes at: