Useful Resources

Please feel free to download and use these useful resources. From useful information and advice to practical tips and recipes from our award-winning chefs, it's all yours. Feel free to share them with friends and family or on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, too. Just give us a mention if you do.

Useful Information and Advice

A range of information sheets and booklets that you may find useful.

Home Safety Tips

Simple steps you can take to make sure your home is safer as you grow older. Click to download.


Senior-Friendly Design Tips

As we grow older, we may need to think more about how to use interior design to help us to make life easier for ourselves. These tips are based on more than 3 decades of Sunrise experience in interior design that suits older people. Click to download.

Sunrise Home Design Guide

This 16-page booklet is full of practical information and advice on how to design your home to look its best and meet the needs of people who are growing older. Click to download.


The Benefits of Pets

Pets are more than great companions, they can actually help to keep us healthier in both mind and body. Click to download.

Taste of Sunrise Recipe Cards

Taste of Sunrise Recipe Book 2017, Dining and NutritionOur award-winning chefs have prepared a set of handy recipe cards that you can download and use at home. Try one of our favourite recipes:

Salmon & Egg Platter

Fish and Chips

Bread and Butter Pudding

Apple Strudel and Vanilla Custard

Sunrise Smoothie