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For many people, the idea of moving into residential care or a nursing home is one that – quite frankly – they’d rather not think about. Apart from the dislocation involved in leaving a family home, full of memories, there are all the usual stresses of moving home.

Advice for Older People

One of the biggest challenges, however, is to acknowledge the fact that you may need care at all. Start by asking yourself a few straight questions:

  • Has your GP carried out a recent medical assessment of your needs?
  • Are you beginning to find your current home difficult to manage?
  • Have you wondered about the possibility of a move to sheltered, retirement or extra care housing?
  • Are you finding the stairs, bath or toilet hard to manage?
  • Are your family worried about you?
  • Are you concerned about memory loss or anxious about dementia – either for yourself or your partner?
  • Is it harder to get around to see friends or family these days?
  • Are you lonely?

Simply making a call to Sunrise doesn’t mean that you’re committing yourself to moving into care. We talk to people every day who simply need more information before they even begin to make a decision.

We can advise on everything from how to pay for the care you need to how you can best arrange your affairs to the benefit of your family. To start the ball rolling, and to equip yourself with the information you need, talk to your local Sunrise care home now. Alternatively, call in while you’re passing or pop into one of our regular events and have an informal chat with us while you’re here.

Our latest information on Coronavirus

Visiting arrangements

As our residents are all particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all visits from relatives and friends, unless in exceptional circumstances. We do not take this decision lightly; reducing visitors into our homes will help protect the health and safety of residents which is our priority. Visits from healthcare professionals and for matters relating to health and safety continue with appropriate precautions.

Our intention is to follow public health advice to determine when visits will return to normal. We will continue to do our best to support residents to keep in touch with loved ones via other methods, such as phone and video calls, letters or emails in the short term.

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