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If a resident moves in straight from hospital, how will we facilitate any Covid tests that need doing before move in?

All people moving in from Hospital must have a test provided by the hospital prior to discharge. Once in residence with us we will ensure that all follow-up tests will be undertaken in the home

Does my loved one have to isolate on move in?

We follow a pragmatic risk management approach to isolation for new residents, based on vaccination status, testing  and possible risk of exposure. No new resident will spend more than 5 days in isolation, unless they test positive

What is the process if a resident is moving in from another care home?

As above, residents moving from another care home will be considered low risk and will not need to isolate if they test negative on the day they move in

If my loved one has been double vaccinated is the move in process any different?

As above, vaccinated residents are considered low risk and will not need to isolate if they test negative on the day they move in

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If I have been double vaccinated do I still need to have a LFT test before each visit?

Yes, it’s a requirement that all visitors to the home have a negative LFT each day they visit because, although the vaccine provides protection there is still a gap and risk of transmission

Are we now doing day trips as part of our plan of activities?

Yes, we believe the overall well-being of our residents is important and have been supporting  a whole range of activities such as day trips for some time, ensuring we avoid areas of risk and use PPE where appropriate

Can I take my loved one out for the day?

Yes, as above. We are supportive of meaningful contact between you and your loved one and support outward visits. We still require you demonstrate a negative test, as if it were a visit to the home, on the day f the outing

Can my loved one stay overnight with me?

As above, yes. We would ask that details are provided of who may be accompanying you and the residents and that LFT are undertaken for all (please note, we will provide tests)

If a resident goes out for the day, do they have to do LFT’s for the next few days after returning?

Not usually, unless they become symptomatic, or there is evidence of exposure.

Can I visit whenever I like? / how often can I visit? / How many people can visit at once?

We are now fully open to visitors and there is no restriction on the number of visitors each resident can have, or the frequency of visits. The only caveat being if we see any positive test results we will consider footfall in the home during re-testing. However, even in outbreak, residents are still able to have a visit from a nominated carer

Do your fees go up each year & if so, by how much?

As a general rule we will not increase our fees by more than 5.5% per year.

Will you help with the move into the care home?

Absolutely! Our care and maintenance teams will be more than happy to assist and make your move as smooth as possible. In fact, we can even help to arrange a removal firm for you to ensure that the move is stress free.

What are your fees?

Weekly fees are separated into accommodation fee, care fee and where necessary, nursing fee. Accommodation fees vary depending on the type of room. Care fees also vary depending on the level of care required (dependent on a care assessment prior to moving into the home). For indicative pricing for self-funded residents click here and select the relevant care home, then click on the FAQs tab to find out indicative pricing for the care home.