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How we’re keeping our care homes safe

At Sunrise Senior Living UK, the health and happiness of our residents is of the utmost importance. It’s why over 95% of our care homes are rated as Good or Outstanding by the CQC. That’s why we’ve put in place a range of rigorous measures to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection within our homes, and to protect the physical and emotional wellbeing of our residents and the team around them.

Roll out of the vaccine

"The ongoing roll-out of the vaccination programme continues to support our own road map out of Covid and enabled us to escalate our campaign to provide meaningful contact between our residents and their loved ones.”

Anna Selby, Head of Sunrise Senior Living UK’s Covid-19 Taskforce 

So far, team members and residents across numerous Sunrise care homes have received their vaccinations or are booked to receive them.

It’s a new day at Sunrise

We don’t know about you, but we can’t help feeling that things are beginning to look a little bit brighter. Vaccinations are being rolled out, we’re starting to safely welcome more visitors into our homes, and we’re looking forward to making the most of the warmer days that are just around the corner.

After months of uncertainty, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what happens next.

We know it’s not easy making decisions like this, so why not give us a try? We’re offering all new respite move-ins 4 weeks accommodation services and care services for the price of 3.

Why wait? Now’s the time to feel good at Sunrise

Join us for a G&T in the garden

The scent of the hyacinths, the forsythia in full bloom and the bees and butterflies dancing around the lilac. Our mature gardens are the perfect place to while away the time with friends, catch up with family or simply relax and enjoy the spring sunshine on your face. And since all our gardens are wheelchair friendly and fully accessible, there’s nothing to stop you and your loved ones spending quality time together exploring the outdoors. Spend time relaxing in the tranquillity of our outside spaces and you’ll soon see what Sunrise is all about.

Keeping our residents fit and fabulous

It goes without saying that we take the physical health of our residents seriously. Our teams work hard to keep everyone active, comfortable and able to maintain as much independence as possible. But here at Sunrise we understand it’s about more than that.

Our varied programme of activities helps exercise the body, mind and spirit, instilling purpose and self worth in all of our residents. From flower arranging and quizzes to yoga and tai chi, living at Sunrise provides the opportunity to try new things you’ve never even thought of before.


Making every day the best day

At Sunrise we believe that every moment counts. In everything we do, whether it’s leading an exercise class, folding linen or just stopping for a smile and a quick chat, our goal is to make a real difference to the residents in our care. We’re also committed to making life as fulfilling as possible for every member of our community.

Moving into a care home should feel like the start of something new, where every day is full of possibilities. Coffee in the garden with friends. Taking part in an art class. Enjoying a delicious dinner with family. It’s these small pleasures that make life at Sunrise so enjoyable.


Keeping you and your loved ones safe

The world may have changed a lot in the last year but one thing that has never been in doubt is our unwavering commitment to keeping our residents safe. It’s why over 95% of our care homes are rated as Good or Outstanding by the CQC.

We’ve learned and improved on the way we do things and we’re proud of the way our team has adapted to the new challenges we’ve faced. From enhanced cleaning to safer visitor practices to regular testing, you can find out more about our Covid-19 response here.

We’re confident we’re doing everything in our power to keep our residents healthy and happy, as well as enabling meaningful contact with loved ones whenever possible. And as we continue to roll out our vaccination programme things will only continue to improve.

A care team you’ll come to think of as family

At Sunrise, we often talk about our wonderful facilities and the activities you can enjoy while you’re here, but we know we’d be nothing without the people who make it all happen. From caterers to carers, managers to maintenance, we rely on a highly qualified team who are committed to treat our residents with the respect and dignity they deserve.

We’ll often be found chatting with residents in the day room or reminiscing with our memory care residents over a shared craft project. Because it’s the human touch that is what we’ve become renowned for. And as we continue to emerge from the clouds of the pandemic, we can’t help feeling that human touch is something we could all do with a little bit more of.

Ready for a fresh start? Call the contact centre on 0800 0318 474 or complete our online form and we’ll get back to you to discuss how Sunrise can help you and your loved ones this Autumn.


If you’re unsure about moving a loved one into a care home, why not try us for a few weeks before making a decision, we’re currently offering 4 weeks Accommodation Services and Care Services for the price of 3 subject to availability, details can be found here.