Celebrate care homes

Celebrate care homes

Welcome to Sunrise Senior Living UK’s #CelebrateCareHomes campaign page.

The social care sector and especially care homes, have been faced with an unprecedented challenge as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Tasked with caring for one of the most vulnerable groups in society, many thousands of care homes have not only protected the health of older and elderly people but allowed them to thrive in this difficult time.

All our Sunrise care homes and care homes across the nation, have shown immense bravery, professionalism, and humanity over the last few months.  

To raise awareness of this heroism, we have launched this campaign, which we hope will reaffirm the importance and value of care homes as we begin to emerge from this crisis. At their core, care homes provide a unique environment for older people to foster relationships, learn new skills and enjoy their later years.

#CelebrateCareHomes campaign video
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