Residential Care At Sunrise Senior Living

Residential Care

Around the country, there are tens of thousands of residential care homes for older people. But only 25 of these are Sunrise Senior Living care homes.

What makes Sunrise residential care so special? We treat each and every resident as an individual. As part of the process of moving in, we talk in depth to each resident and their families so that we have a clear and detailed view of each residents’ needs, hobbies, interests, former careers, favourite foods and so on.

This all helps us not only to deliver the best possible care for each resident, but to see each resident as a person. By preserving dignity, respecting independence and promoting life enrichment, we help to create a real sense of home.

Individualised Care

The initial assessment of care needs goes into an Individualised Service Plan of care (ISP) that is constantly monitored and updated. This means that – even as care needs change over time – each resident and their family can be sure they’re receiving the most appropriate care for them.

Residential Care at Sunrise 

As well as providing a comfortable living environment, Sunrise offers support with day-to-day activities, such as dressing, bathing or taking medication. Residential carers are available 24-hours a day for assistance and many Sunrise care homes have nursing care available should an emergency arise.