Sunrise of Winchester

Events at Sunrise of Winchester

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Zumba Class - Every Monday 3pm

Head to Toe seated exercise & relax - Every Tuesday 11am (Fridays at 3pm) Join Louise for her weekly armchair exercise class to get the blood flowing and keep your joints supple. Its the best possible way to get some exercise without even leaving your seat! - All welcome.

Art Club - Every Wednesday 2.30pm

Communion - Every Friday 11am

Music Circle - Every other Saturday 3pm

Victoria Mourning Jewellery

Victorian Mourning Jewellery

Victorian Mourning Jewellery - 23rd April

Join us for a talk on the history of mourning jewellery and how during the Victorian era it had become fashionable for aristocrats and the wealthy to commission lockets, bracelets, necklaces, and rings to memorialise their loved ones.