Sunrise of Westbourne

Meet Our Team

One of the reasons why every Sunrise home is much more than just a care home is the team of people working there. Every hour of every day, Sunrise team members are working to make sure that our residents enjoy life as fully as possible. Here are just a few of the people you’ll find at your local Sunrise care home.

James Glanville, General Manager


I started my career in the Hotel and Hospitality industry, with a degree in Hotel Management. This led to the foundation of Lyndale Healthcare, a small family Care Home business of which I was Managing Director. I am therefore excited to be bringing a wealth of experience to my role in Sunrise. I have taken over a 114 bed registered home with strong principles of service and core values which have always been at the core of everything I do, I too strongly believe in the sacred value of human life, and valuing my staff who are providing quality care day in day out.

Sunrise Global Award Winner, Orlando 2018 - Champion of Quality Care

Doina Tampu-Ababei, Deputy Manager


I am truly passionate about my role and believe in what we do. Our residents are our teachers and their stories inspire me. We are lucky to have a brilliant and experienced team who always go above and beyond to make sure that the specific needs of every resident are undertaken every day. It's a lovely place to work and a great place to call home.

Rebecca Havard, Activities & Volunteer Co-ordinator

Westbourne - Rebecca Havard

I feel really lucky to work as the Activities and Volunteer Coordinator at Sunrise of Westbourne. After twenty years of teaching in a variety of settings, including primary, secondary and special needs, working in activities seems like a natural progression. I have also been a carer to both children and adults and volunteered in palliative care so am able to draw on a range of skills to help provide a full and engaging activities programme for all of our residents.

We have a brilliant activities team, dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents and offer a diverse programme, incorporating activities for the mind, body and soul. Each day in our community is varied and busy and I feel blessed to be able to spend my time with our residents, listening to and learning from their life stories and celebrating special occasions. I am passionate about my role in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to smile and laugh every day and to live with meaning and purpose.

Abi Gardiner, Reminiscence Co-ordinator


I have been at Sunrise Senior Living since 2008. I am passionate about Dementia Care and I am privileged to be in a position to guide the team and continue to support our residents and their families.

Morgyn Ross, Assisted Living Co-ordinator


I have worked at Sunrise of Westbourne since 2011 in assisted living and I truly love my job here. I have progressed through the company and I am privileged to be able to guide my team to continue to grow and progress. Delivering high quality care is the corner stone of our work and it gives me great pride to see how our staff have such a huge impact on the lives of our residents. The team is inspiring, having people from all ages dedicate their time to care for others makes sunrise a special place to be. We have residents and team members from all walks of life, and we pride ourselves on having close and lasting bonds.

Wendy Blow, Senior Director of Community Relations

Wendy I have worked at Sunrise of Westbourne since 2006, the things that have remained constant throughout that time are the love, dedication and unfaltering kindness my colleagues deliver every day. No two days are the same; there is always something going on which makes you smile and our residents become part of our extended family. We are committed to filling their days with happy moments. My role is to market our home and welcome new residents into it, dealing with professionals and family members. Making a significant decision at a critical time is made easy when we have a beautiful product, lovely food, great activities programme (including mini bus outings) and caring staff, all coupled with happy appreciative residents and family members, this is borne out by our positive reviews.

Care Staff

Championing the quality of life for all seniors - it’s the mission and responsibility of every Sunrise team member. To achieve that, we invest in our care team. New team members complete a comprehensive Sunrise training curriculum focused on the care and wellbeing of our residents.

New team members receive
60+ hrs
of training in their first 30 days
Leaders receive an additional
72+ hrs
of training to help teams meet Sunrise standards
200k+ hrs
of continuing education for Sunrise team members each year
We adjust staffing
365 days
a year based on the number of residents and care needed

Where to Find Us

16-18 Poole Road,
Westbourne, Bournemouth,
New Enquiries: 01202 901850 Friends and Family: 01202 760 966