Sunrise of Tettenhall

Meet Our Team

One of the reasons why every Sunrise home is much more than just a care home is the team of people working there. Every hour of every day, Sunrise team members are working to make sure that our residents enjoy life as fully as possible. Here are just a few of the people you’ll find at your local Sunrise care home.

Su Gallagher, General Manager

Su GallagherI was Manager of a nursing home when I was 27. Quality care and quality of life for our residents is my passion and commitment.

I have loved working at Sunrise Tettenhall from day one, we have some amazing residents and staff. I am a qualified nurse and also managed a very busy A&E department in a local hospital.

Trudi Stuart, Assisted Living Co-ordinator


I have loved working at Sunrise from day one, I am proud of the care and lifestyle we offer our residents and I aim to improve this as each day passes.

I love working with seniors and I am pleased to be a part of a great team of people who all strive for the same goals.

Geraldine Bunning, Activities and Volunteers Co-ordinator


Geraldine joined Sunrise in January 2012 and brought passion, fun and an infectious personality with her. She has been patient services team leader in Bridgnorth and an activities co-ordinator for another group of homes.

Geraldine says her aim is to make a difference to each residents day and nothing makes her happier than when she sees resident's smiling, happy and can hear laughter.

Oksana Dovey, Reminiscence Coordinator


For dementia, it's extremely important we understand the journey the residents are taking, ensuring we meet their specialist needs.

I strongly believe we can bring joy and fun back into their lives, so our aim is to give them happy experiences and involve their family and friends where possible – retaining independence and supporting their needs.

Jenny Billingsley, Director of Community Relations

Jenny BillingsleyMy role here is to help and support families through their decision in finding the right care for their loved one.

What I love about working in Tettenhall is that fantastic family feel we have here in the community, and how as a team we cherish, amongst many other values, our residents' dignity, independence and choice.

I feel strongly and passionately about the respect we show our seniors. Sunrise of Tettenhall is a very welcoming community, and I would love to meet you if you or someone you know is starting to think about needing more support and care.

Laura Armstrong, Sales Support

Laura ArmstrongHi, I've been working at Sunrise of Tettenhall for the past 6 years and it is a great place to work. I have been working with Jenny the Director of Community Relations for just over 6 months, which I love and look forward to doing for a long time to come.

Jinny Singh, Business Office Coordinator

Jinny SinghI joined Sunrise in 2017 and am proud to be a member of the management team at Tettenhall. I am CIPD qualified and I am the first point of contact for all HR and financial queries. I also provide additional support to the management team at both local and regional level. The team at Sunrise pride themselves on providing the best care possible to the Residents, which is why I love being part of such a wonderful caring team.

Elaine Tromans, Occupational Therapist

Elaine TromansI am the Occupational Therapist at Sunrise of Tettenhall.  My role is to deliver Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy sessions to individual residents who are living with early to moderate stage dementia.  The aim of these sessions being to improve an individual’s cognitive and functional ability.  Participating residents select a range of goals according to what is personally meaningful and therefore motivating to them.  People in residential care settings have as many goals and aspirations as those who live in their own homes and with CRT available in-house they can have more access to therapy services to support the attainment of these goals.  I work with residents over an initial 10 week period to achieve their individual goals.  Examples of such goals could be to know what day it is, appointment dates and times, diary management, calling grandchildren by the right name or how to use a DVD player independently.  

Sarah-Jane Melling, Therapy Assistant

Sarah-Jane MellingI am the therapy assistant at Sunrise of Tettenhall, my role is to provide Cognitive stimulation therapy, Reminiscence therapy and Namaste care to individuals with moderate to late stage dementia to maintain good wellbeing.  CST is delivered in closed groups of up to 6 residents, twice weekly, for an initial period of 14 weeks and then once weekly maintenance afterwards.  Reminiscence therapy is delivered once weekly in small closed groups and its aim is to help individuals with dementia remember events, people and places from their past lives.  This is done by utilising all the senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.

Colin, Resident Ambassador

ColinWhat made you choose to come to Sunrise? “I had no hesitation to moving in after my first experience at Sunrise. I was very impressed with how I was treated.”

 Best Experiences of Sunrise? “I love the homely atmosphere here at Sunrise, plus the variety of activities going on”

 What would you say to someone looking at moving into Sunrise? “The management are really good, and they manage all staff very efficiently. There is also a verity of entertainment going on around the community.”

 What advice would you give to a new resident? “In the beginning, have patience. It will take time to settle in.”

Olive, Resident Ambassador

OliveWhat made you choose to come to Sunrise? “I found I was no longer able to run my home after having a few falls. I tried living with my son for a while but I didn’t know anyone around there, so my family started looking into care home options. Sunrise came out the best in the area from their research, and they say they now have peace of mind knowing I am being looked after well.”

 Best Experiences of Sunrise? “I enjoy the trips out on the bus. The highlight of my week is scrabble and the Tuesday quiz. The atmosphere here is always so friendly, caring and beautifully kept.”

 What would you say to someone looking at moving into Sunrise? “Do it! It is so friendly, warm and caring, as well as efficiently run. I would give it a ten out of ten.”

 What advice would you give to a new resident?“Enjoy everything that is going on and take part where ever possible. You can have the best of both worlds here with plenty going on, plus the opportunity for quiet time as well.”

Ken, Resident Ambassador

KenWhat made you choose to come to Sunrise? “I have relatives in the area. They looked into all the possibilities and chose for me.”

 Best Experiences of Sunrise? “I like the fact that I have my own space and privacy, but with all the mod cons as well as food and drink supplied”

 What would you say to someone looking at moving into Sunrise? “Sunrise is a very nice place with high quality of care. Everything is provided and taken care of.”

 What advice would you give to a new resident? “You will be happy here. Everything is provided for – food, drink, laundry – all great.”

Care Staff

Championing the quality of life for all seniors - it’s the mission and responsibility of every Sunrise team member. To achieve that, we invest in our care team. New team members complete a comprehensive Sunrise training curriculum focused on the care and wellbeing of our residents.

New team members receive
60+ hrs
of training in their first 30 days
Leaders receive an additional
72+ hrs
of training to help teams meet Sunrise standards
200k+ hrs
of continuing education for Sunrise team members each year
We adjust staffing
365 days
a year based on the number of residents and care needed

Where to Find Us

73 Wergs Road,
Wolverhampton, West Midlands,
New Enquiries: 01902 925 921 Friends and Family: 01902 774 100