Sunrise of Hale Barns

Meet Our Team

One of the reasons why every Sunrise home is much more than just a care home is the team of people working there. Every hour of every day, Sunrise team members are working to make sure that our residents enjoy life as fully as possible. Here are just a few of the people you’ll find at your local Sunrise care home.

Amanda Ben Hmida, General Manager

Hale Barns - Amanda Ben Hmida

I have worked at Sunrise for several years, as General Manager I set exceedingly high standards. I am passionate about the delivery of high quality care to seniors and proud to lead a team of dedicated and knowledgeable team here at Sunrise of Hale Barns. The team at Hale Barns  are all very dedicated and committed to supplying the very best care and it is always a pleasure to work alongside all of them. I am extremely passionate about our mission to champion quality of life for all seniors. Our resident-centred approach delivers high quality care built around our resident needs. I am proud to lead in our Principles of Service. I am passionate about my role and I don't think there is anything more rewarding than a whisper saying thank you and a smile. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute working at Sunrise and look forward to many more years here.

Sue Cameron, Deputy Manager

I have recently gained the post as acting Deputy Manager. I am responsible for the care and wellbeing of all the residents who live in the community I joined Sunrise in 2010 and am thoroughly enjoying my position here. It is an honour and a pleasure to care for our residents who live within our community and it is extremely rewarding to be able to enhance  their quality of life.

Ashleigh Lynch, Activities and Volunteer Co-ordinator


Before starting at Sunrise in November 2014 I previously worked as the Physical Education and Science Co-ordinator in a Cheshire Primary School where I taught. Having enjoyed planning and co-ordinating many whole school events I felt it was time to try a new and exciting challenge as the new Activities and Volunteer Co-ordinator here at Sunrise of Hale Barns.

I believe in creating ambitious and exciting activities and events, which meet all our residents’ needs and interests. Having a hands-on approach, and spending time with each of our residents, I strive to offer a wide range of activities based around our “Mind, Body and Soul” philosophy. We, the Activities team, want to make a difference to our seniors’ lives.

Alison Cunningham, Reminiscence Co-ordinator

Alison Cunningham I have worked in the care sector for 20 yrs and have worked my way up from a carer to a senior carer well being and have recently gained the reminiscence coordinator post. I am passionate about my residents and enjoy making their lives as comfortable as possible and enhancing their quality of life here on the reminiscence neighbourhood.

Gaynor Graham, Director of Community Relations

Hale Barns - Gaynor

Being part of the family liaison team is a very rewarding role, I am the first point of contact within the community for seniors and families looking for care options. Sunrise is a fabulous place to work, there is more to us than meets the eye. A guided tour of our community is essential if you are looking at care options for yourself or a loved one.

My role is very rewarding, the best bit is being able to help and support families who are looking for future care options and those who have an immediate need which can very often be a very emotional journey.

I am proud to be a key part of a very passionate team and I feel privileged to be engaged with families helping in the decision making process to join our community.

Care Staff

Championing the quality of life for all seniors - it’s the mission and responsibility of every Sunrise team member. To achieve that, we invest in our care team. New team members complete a comprehensive Sunrise training curriculum focused on the care and wellbeing of our residents.

New team members receive
60+ hrs
of training in their first 30 days
Leaders receive an additional
72+ hrs
of training to help teams meet Sunrise standards
200k+ hrs
of continuing education for Sunrise team members each year
We adjust staffing
365 days
a year based on the number of residents and care needed

Where to Find Us

295 Hale Road,
Hale Barns, Altrincham,
WA15 8SN
New Enquiries: 01613 940321 Friends and Family: 0161 980 9500