Sunrise of Guildford

Activities at Sunrise of Guildford 

There's always something going on at Sunrise of Guildford. Call us to see what we've got coming up.


Sunrise Choir - 11:00am, Monday's and Thursday's - Twice a week our residents come together and sing classic songs that will be performed to family and friends throughout the year.

Exercise and Meditation - 10:00am, Every morning - We start our day off right by energising our muscles and focusing our minds. Our Activity Team focuses on getting the blood circulating and the heart rate up, whilst making sure everyone is having fun.

6 o'clock Quiz - 6.30pm, Tuesday's - Join our Activity team for a fun 6 o'clock Quiz. Here we test your general knowledge and get your mind working after supper. This is something our residents look forward to each week.