Sunrise of Esher

Events at Sunrise of Esher

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Our monthly activities calendar includes Brain Gymnastics, Boccia and gentle, seated exercise classes. All these activities and more help to provide our residents with a full and active social life that stimulates the mind, spirit and body.

Bridge Club, Every Friday 2pm. Sunrise of Esher are proud to introduce to the community their Bridge Club taking place every Friday. All are welcome.

Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing - 17th August

We have invited a audiology specialist to deliver a talk on hearing concerns and challenges. Join us to find out more. Refreshments will be served.

Handling History

Enriched Memory Care: Handling History

Handling History - 17th September

Reina Jenkins is offering a reminiscing experience like no other. "Every object tells its own story and provides an entertaining light-hearted opportunity to recall how life used to be." Join us on the 17th September from 2pm.
Healthy Food for a Healthy Brain

Enriched Memory Care: Healthy Food for a Healthy Brain

Healthy Food for a Healthy Brain - 21st September

Join us on Friday, 21st September from 3pm for a unique challenge! Our award winning chefs will have a cook off. The task is to cook healthy food for a healthy brain, with secret ingredients selected by our residents. What dish will they make?! Join us to find out.