Sunrise of Chorleywood

Activities at Sunrise of Chorleywood 

There's always something happening at Sunrise of Chorleywood. Call us to see what we've got coming up and book your place.

Every day -

10.45am - Chair Exercise

11.30am Quiz Afternoon - Arts & Crafts / Garden Walks

6pm - Evening Quiz

Monday -

2pm - Choir Practice

Tuesday -

2pm - Poetry Corner 

Wednesday -

3pm - Writer's Workshop

Thursday -

2pm - Music with Jules in the lounge

Friday -

2pm - Life Stories 

Sunday -

Morning - Songs of Praise

Activities at Sunrise of Chorleywood

Activities at Chorleywood
Art and Theatre
Sunrise of Chorleywood provides a whole host of activities to our residents. Pictured is Gerry, a remarkable man, displaying some of his artwork. The residents also recently performed as pirates in our 'Unrehearsed Pirates of Chorleywood' show!
Activities at Chorleywood
Poetry Club
Our lovely resident Lois is fabulous in poetry club, and loves to take place in any and all activities that are taking place. Her sense of humour is brilliant and she also plays a mean game of pitch and putt.
Activities at Chorleywood
Performances and Dance
The team at Sunrise of Chorleywood are always ready to put on a show for the residents - and they have tremendous fun doing so! Here's our team performing a traditional South African dance.
Activities at Chorleywood
Around the World Tour
During our Around the World Tour, we put on a wonderful traditional Greek dance for our residents - but don't worry! No plates were broken here!