Sunrise of Bramhall

Events at Sunrise of Bramhall

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Social Meet & Greet - Every Afternoon at 3pm. Friends and families meet and enjoy light refreshments in our Bistro. There’s no great secret about what makes Sunrise Senior Living so different from ordinary care and nursing homes, so please feel free to call in and see the Sunrise difference for yourself. All are welcome.

Singing for the Soul - Every Wednesday, 2pm. Singing for the Soul is a free singing class in our spacious relaxing Activities Lounge, it's a great way to make new friends and start a new hobby.

Diabetes and Prevention Talk - 19th June

You will be given an insight into what it's like to live with diabetes and how to manage it as well as how to prevent yourself from developing the condition. Please call to book.

Summer Solstice French Theme Garden Party

Garden Party - 21st June

Unstoppable fun, fantastic entertainment and delicious refreshments await you all as we invite you to relive such an amazing era of music and dance. We are overcome with excitement to throw a garden party to celebrate the arrival of the summer! Please click for more event details!

Armchair Yoga

Armchair Yoga - 22nd June

With summer holiday season fast approaching, we invite you to experience an alternative way of relaxing your body and mind during a rejuvenating armchair yoga exercise led by a professional yoga instructor, Helen Fenton.

Wimbledon Special

Wimbledon Special

Wimbledon Special - 2nd July

Are you Wimbledon ready? We certainly are! We'll be opening this grand tennis championship very traditionally - with a quintessentially English glass of Pimm's and strawberries with cream. If you'd like some great company on this beautiful occasion - come join us on the 2nd of July at our Wimbledon Social at 3pm - 4pm.

Eye Care and Macular Degeneration Talk

Eye Care and Macular Degeneration Talk

Eye Care and Macular Degeneration Talk

Everyone is welcome to join us to learn about eye care and macular degeneration in a talk delivered by our local optometrist, Mrs Lobat Sheikholeslami. She will talk about the importance of preserving our eye sight and how to look after our eyes appropriately. Please call to book.