Sunrise of Bassett

Events at Sunrise of Bassett

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Weekly Memory Cafe - Mondays at 2pm-3.30pm Join us at our Weekly Dementia Cafe held at Sunrise of Bassett. The Cafe is open to all who may have concerns about their memory or the memory of a loved one or friend. A relaxed combination of activities and memory focused group gatherings. Refreshments provided.

Professional Networking Breakfast - First Tuesday of every month, 8-9am Calling all professionals! You are more than welcome to join for us breakfast.

Dementia Friends Session - The last Wednesday of every month  at 11am-12pm

During this brief, friendly and interactive session you will increase your understanding of dementia and learn about the small things that you can do to make a difference to people affected by dementia in your community. Refreshments provided.

Memory Cafe

Memory Cafe

Memory Cafe - 25th September

A welcoming and warm atmosphere where everyone is included. Our Memory Café is run in association with The Mayflower Theatre, in a safe and friendly environment. Complimentary refreshments available.
Dementia Folk Music

Dementia Folk Music

Dementia Folk Music - 25th September

Music can act as a powerful form of therapy and we are delighted to welcome Folk Active here at Sunrise of Bassett with their unique performance. Join in for an unforgettable experience and some tasty refreshments.