Celebrating National Cat Day: Lola the Cat Brings Joy to Sunrise of Esher Residents

Sunrise  |  October 29, 2020

National Cat Day is celebrated on Thursday 29th October, and Sunrise of Esher wanted to mark the day by sharing this story about their lovely cat, Lola.

Lola moved to Sunrise of Esher in the summer of 2018 from the Surrey-based cat rescue charity, Here for Cats. Unfortunately, Lola’s previous owners had to put her up for adoption when they moved house and were unable to take her with them.

Lola has now been at Sunrise of Esher for over two years, she is ten years old and very confident. She loves to be stroked and fussed over, and you never quite know where in the care home you will find her. Often, she finds a nice comfy chair, table, or box where she can quietly observe the daily activities at Sunrise of Esher. Lola’s main living space is the activities room, and she attends most of the team meetings in the morning, settling herself in the middle of everything that is going on.

Many residents at Sunrise of Esher had been pet owners before moving to the care home, and having Lola really brings them joy every day. She is very popular amongst team members and residents, and they love giving her a wonderful place to call home.

Paula Woodhouse, Activities Assistant at Sunrise of Esher, said:

“Since Lola moved to Sunrise few years ago, she has become an  important part of our community. Even residents that normally might not like cats or prefer dogs say to me “I don’t like any other cats but she is lovely.” Many residents find it very calming to have Lola sit on their laps or next to them on the various sofas and chairs around the home. Residents like watching Lola do her “cat things” – out in the garden or inside. Even if that includes getting gifts brought in, like a mouse. Lola has brought so much joy and warmth. She seems to be happy living with us and we are lucky to have such a cat. Every care home should have their own Lola.”

For more information about Sunrise of Esher, please visit: www.sunrisesher.co.uk