Celebrating a decade of Service at Sunrise of Esher

Sunrise  |  October 15, 2020

Anneke D'Arcy, has worked at Sunrise of Esher as Concierge for 10 years. Sunrise of Esher was the first care home Anneke has worked in, and she was introduced to the care home through a friend who already worked there.

Throughout her career, Anneke has worked in several customer-facing roles. She has always enjoyed interacting with older people and has been fascinated by their viewpoints and life experiences. Anneke said:

“My role is to support on the reception area, greeting visitors, family members and directing them. I love helping people and working as a team. The core nature of working with older people is both humbling and enlightening; to be party to their stories is a privilege.

“It has been a wonderful rewarding experience working at Sunrise of Esher, and as time progressed, my role there has become a great bonus to my life. The discipline, sense of belonging and interaction with colleagues and residents give me a feeling of connection and pride.

“I particularly enjoy being a ‘bank’ member of staff, it offers a lot of flexibility with my shifts and this is one of the many reasons I have stayed at Sunrise of Esher for so long.”

Anneke was impressed by Sunrise of Esher’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, she said:

“Sunrise of Esher went above and beyond for residents and staff dealing with the enormity of the Covid-19 crisis. I know we felt valued and our safety was at the core of all the regulations introduced.

“There are ample training days so that we are always up to date on revised procedures and protocols.”

Jane Locke, Head of the Concierge Department at Sunrise of Esher said:

“I met Anneke a few decades ago when we were both working as cabin crew for a major Middle Eastern airline, and we have stayed friends ever since. It was a great adventure, taking us as far west as New York and as far east as Afghanistan and the occasional Haj flight to Mecca. It gave us a great insight into a totally different culture, customs and religion. 

“I was delighted when Anneke asked to join me at Sunrise of Esher and knew she would be a great asset to the team.”

Gabriela Smith, General Manager at Sunrise of Esher added:

“It is so great to recognise and celebrate team members for their long term loyal service. Anneke became part of the family for her hard work and dedication to improve the life of our residents.

“We don’t want team members to feel that they are coming to work, but they are coming to a place where they feel welcome. We want them to feel they are part of the team where they can make a real difference and go that extra mile for our residents every day.

“Anneke, with her huge background of different work experiences, always has something to discuss with our residents to keep their spirits up.

“Lots of people have a false picture of what care homes are like, but not every care home is the same and we as a Team at Sunrise of Esher ensure that we respect our residents and respect their home, we are a community.”

For more information about Sunrise of Esher, please visit: www.sunrisesher.co.uk