Sunrise of Eastbourne Wins Award For Catering

Joan Timpson  |  October 14, 2015

Catering forms a large part of what makes care homes successful. People need to eat a nutritious diet in order to stay strong and prevent serious age-related illnesses. The National Association of Care Catering recently recognised Sunrise of Eastbourne for its commitment to providing its residents with some of the highest quality of catering in the UK. 

The NACC holds the award ceremony every year as a way of recognising and celebrating the success of care homes for older people that have raised the bar when it comes to commitment and innovation with their catering services. This year's gathering took place at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham as a part of the NACC Training and Development Forum.

More than 200 people gathered for the event as eight awards were presented. Sunrise of Eastbourne was given one of the most prestigious awards of the night, the "Care Establishment of the Year Award."

Sunrise Senior Living recognised for catering services

According to Caterer Licensee Hotelier News, National Chair of the NACC Neel Radia explained the importance of these awards and what they mean for care homes. He addressed the fact that maintaining a high quality of catering isn't as easy as one might think. Everything from hiring staff with the skills and experience to prepare meals to factoring in the special dietary needs and limitations of certain residents is essential to establishing an award-winning dining service. However, this must be done while ensuring the dignity of every person living in the community. 

The quality of dining services is essential in all care homes, for without a balanced nutritious diet, residents would not be able to maintain their well-being.The quality of dining services is essential in all care homes, for without a balanced nutritious diet, residents would not be able to maintain their well-being.

Radia also noted that since last year's award ceremony, the NACC has witnessed outstanding catering provision from care homes across the UK. Awarding Sunrise Senior Living with the "Care Establishment of the Year Award" showed that the community went above and beyond even some of its most accomplished competitors to provide residents with everything they need to meet their personal needs.  

"Congratulations to all our winners," Radia announced at the event. "Once again, all the finalists demonstrate the fantastic standards of catering within the care sector. Every individual and team has pushed the boundaries to deliver excellence and give service users the very best catering care available. We should all be very proud of the talent within our sector and the intrinsic commitment to doing the best job possible for those in our care."

What can you expect from dining and nutrition at Sunrise?

With 24-hour services that provide snacks and drinks as well as dining assistance that brings meals to the comfort of residents' suites, it's little surprise that Sunrise took home the distinguished award. The Sunrise nutrition team acknowledges that as people age, their dietary needs change.

"Dean, our Dining Service Coordinator at Eastbourne, constantly strives to improve," says Christopher Dean, Regional Director of Dining and Procurement at Sunrise. "He is always upskilling his staff, so even the kitchen assistants are empowered. The kitchen and dining room operates with restaurant-quality precision and consistent high-quality presentation. The whole team cares about making a difference for the residents. They operate on the same menu plan as the rest of Sunrise, but Dean alters dishes in line with resident choice at his community. Dean was also a regional finalist in the NACC Care Chef of the Year competition."

"Menus are varied and contain a detailed list of ingredients."

Christopher also commented on Dean's commitment to innovation. For example, he had a large part in the creation of the Sunrise Dining Model and carefully plans every aspect of the menu, down to the look of each meal. He is currently working on a project where he takes pictures of each dish and sends them to other Sunrise chefs in order to ensure consistency of the presentation of Sunrise meals.

To ensure that residents are consuming a balanced diet, menus are varied and contain a detailed list of ingredients highlighting nutritional factors, such as how many calories are in each meal. Dishes like French onion soup, Confit duck, Lamb Noisette and Redcurrant Sauce and cheesecake make sure that everyone is excited for their next meal. 

Another aspect of Sunrise's dining services is that it meets the nutritional needs of those who require special diets. Residents with conditions ranging from dementia to insulin sensitivities, for example, are prepared special meals, while those with difficulties swallowing receive dishes that are cooked so that they are easier to eat as a part of the team's dysphagia standards.

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