Why Remembrance Day is a special time for Sunrise of Winchester resident, Cliff

Sunrise  |  November 14, 2019

Remembrance is a special time for 93-year-old, Cliff, resident at Sunrise of Winchester.  As well as having served in the Army for four years, his elder brother Frank sadly died at the age of 19 on his first mission over Germany in 1943.

Frank was an RAF Navigator on a Lancaster Bomber, and is buried in the Berlin War Cemetery, alongside 8,200 others. Five years ago, Cliff went to Berlin to visit Frank’s grave, and during Remembrance, he proudly wears Frank’s medals on his right breast, alongside his own war medal on his left. Cliff recently received Frank’s Bomber Command Clasp and is pleased of the belated recognition given to the bomber crews.

Cliff joined the Glider Pilot Regiment in 1944 - whilst he was too young to take part in the glider missions on D Day and at Arnhem, he learnt to fly in 1945, and served until 1948.

After leaving the Army, he worked for the Milk Marketing Board, and became a regional manager before retiring in 1986. He was also a magistrate and is still a Freemason. He was married to Wynne for 67 years and had two daughters.

He moved into Sunrise in 2013, where a couple of years ago they arranged for him to visit Booker Airfield and fly a Cessna light aircraft, including taking the controls. That was the same airfield where he first learnt to fly Tiger Moths in 1945.