Sunrise of Westbourne Celebrate Residents’ Diamond Anniversary

Sunrise  |  November 7, 2019

Team members at Sunrise of Westbourne were delighted to celebrate the very special Diamond wedding anniversary of residents Frank and Eileen.

The couple met when Frank was 22 years old and not long out of the RAF, whilst Eileen was 20 and had just finished teaching college. After bumping into each other at local dances, Frank asked Eileen to join him for a tango before impressing her with a drink and a hot pie.

They married on 24 October 1959, living in Sunderland at first before moving to Luton for Frank’s career. They often visited Bournemouth on holiday, which inspired Frank to take a cooking course before the couple opened their very own hotel. During their marriage, they welcomed one daughter and one grandson and have won awards for their ballroom dancing performances across the country – which even saw them perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

Frank and Eileen moved to Sunrise of Westbourne in January this year, where Frank is supported by Assisted Living and Eileen resides in the Memory Care Neighbourhood. At Sunrise, they love keeping busy with activities including quizzes, outings in the minibus and live piano performances. Their top tips for a long and happy marriage are fun, laughter, music and dancing.

To celebrate their special day, Frank and Eileen enjoyed a special meal made by Sunrise’s team and received lots of cards – including one from the Queen! Eileen is now a long way on her journey with Dementia but living at Sunrise has allowed the couple to still spend time together, with Frank saying that he is delighted that Eileen is happy and content.