Sunrise of Mobberley hosts book signing for new Cheshire travel book

Sunrise  |  November 22, 2018

Sunrise of Mobberley, on Hall Lane, hosted their very own book signing this week for the new travel book, ‘Slow Travel Cheshire’.

The book is a local characterful guide to special places in Cheshire, and was written by Suzanne King and Kate Simon. Suzanne is a travel writer for the Telegraph, and Kate is a former Travel Editor of the Independent on Sunday.

Residents and guests enjoyed an exciting event where the authors explained how this amazing book came to fruition, sharing their own personal thoughts and the angle that lead to the creation of the book. The event also featured a large projector slide presentation and picture quizzes all themed around Cheshire locations and famous people with a Cheshire connection.

One of these was Agatha Christie, the famous ‘Queen of Crime’, who has a Cheshire connection as her sister lived in the huge Victorian mansion, Abney Hall in Cheadle, Cheshire. Throughout her teens and married life, Agatha became a regular house-guest of her sister and brother-in-law, especially at Christmas time.

Dawn Williams, Director of Community Relations, Sunrise of Mobberley, said:

“This was a wonderful event that our residents enjoyed immensely. They enjoyed hearing the lovely authors’ stories and enjoyed reminiscing about places across Cheshire. Sunrise of Mobberley host a number of interesting events fully open to the public to attend at no cost, and the doors are always open, so watch out for our next amazing event and we look forward to seeing you.”