World Book Day 2019: Meet Sunrise of Tettenhall’s Amazing Residents Who Love To Read

Sunrise  |  March 7, 2019

Roy Kimpton85 years old, is amongst the group of residents at Sunrise of Tettenhall that have subscribed to a monthly book delivery service. They come directly from Wolverhampton Library. Roy has recently requested books written in German so that he can continue with his passion for different languages. He served in the Army in Northern Germany and absolutely loves the language. Both Roy and his wife attended German night classes and still loves the language deeply.

Freda Law, 90 years old, requests eight books a month from the monthly book delivery service. She is an avid reader and her favourite books are “Annie” by Val Wood, “Like Father like Son” by Diane Allen and “A Time to Remember” by Anna.

Betty Carter, 96 years old, is a published author. Her first book was called Twentieth Century Girl. She then wrote The Mystery of Old Manor – a collection of enchanting poetry preceded by a mystical.

Betty Walker, 95 years old, spends much of her day reading in her room. She races through the books’ at great speed and loves thrillers in particular. This is a great talking point for her with other team members who often lend her books to read. Lee Child is her favourite author.

Bob Scott, 74 years old, is another lover of books. He worked in the newspaper industry for much of his life and he can often be found reading a book on his kindle. He is also one of Sunrise of Tettenhall’s resident proof readers for the community newsletter and programme. Bob’s favourite author is Dan Brown.