Resident Account: Life with the Lions Club

Sunrise  |  March 13, 2019

In 1963 I joined the new Harrow Lions Club as a founder member. After six years in 1969 I was elected, by secret ballot, against three other candidates, to be the District Governor for South East England.

I went to the Lions Club World Convention which, in that year, was held in Tokyo. This was a wonderful experience. 30 thousand Lions Club members attended. The Emperor of Japan opened the proceedings.

Arriving to our hotel, believe it or not, our room number was 1066! 

After my year as District Governor, I continued as a regular member carrying out various offices.

On arriving to Bournemouth I joined the local club and within 12 months I was elected president. I instigated a luncheon club for particularly lonely people. The participants enjoyed a free three course meal, a free raffle, a sing-a-long session and free transport to and from the venue, The Argyll Bowls Club, West Cliff, Bournemouth.

Presently, I am 97 and the oldest Lions Club member in the UK.

I am just an ordinary guy just wishing to help others less fortunate.

Robert Moor, Sunrise of Westbourne