This is Me: Lisa Baxter, Activities and Volunteers Coordinator at Sunrise of Fleet

Sunrise  |  March 27, 2020

I started here at Sunrise of Fleet in 2015 as a Care Manager in the Memory Care Neighbourhood. It was my absolute dream role. I have cared for older people living with dementia since 1988 and my passion for the condition enabled me to be the best I could in this important role.

I loved every aspect of caring for residents in a beautiful home with a fabulous team of carers. I soon progressed to Senior Care Manager and Med Tech.

I’ve always enjoyed the activities side of things and how they can make a difference to residents’ lives. As a Care Manager, my day used to begin with personal care and nutrition, but the rest of the day needed to be filled with stimulation and love. I have always cared for every part of residents’ daily needs and during every shift, I almost always sang to them and played games with them.

When the opportunity came up to become Activities and Volunteers Coordinator at Sunrise, I didn’t give it a second thought. I felt that this was a natural progression for me after four years as a carer. It was a good decision. Managing a team of passionate individuals is so rewarding. We have such an important role here and I feel very privileged to be able to run the department. Making a difference to someone’s day is such a pleasure.

When new residents move in and you see them grow their personalities, because of the engagement and interaction gained from daily activities, is just wonderful. It is amazing when we get such lovely feedback from families – it gives you such a lift.

I have always played a very active role in team building activities as well as organising many fundraising events. We have raised over £6,000 so far in the last year and a half.

I was very proud to win a Heart & Soul Award in 2018. This is an annual team appreciation award ceremony organised annually by Sunrise. As a result, I got to attend a wonderful dinner and presentation. I felt very humbled getting an award for doing the job I love.

With my fifth anniversary coming up, it has made me realise how important my role here is and long may it last!

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