Sunrise of Chorleywood’s adventurous volunteer

Sunrise  |  July 9, 2019

Sunrise of Chorleywood, off Rickmansworth Road, strives to provide the best possible lifestyle for each of their residents with committed team members ranging from care workers, chefs and dining staff, supervisors, and volunteers.

One of Sunrise of Chorleywood’s special volunteers is Marion Pitman who is 89 years young. She has been volunteering with the Activities Team, which is overseen by Carol Elligott at Sunrise of Chorleywood for the past 11 years.

Marion comes in to volunteer at Sunrise of Chorleywood whenever she can as she maintains a very busy and active life.  On her visits to Sunrise of Chorleywood she delivers the Daily Sparkle magazine to each resident personally and joins in with the drama script reading sessions.

Marion also spends time with residents, talking to them and reminiscing about the good old days. She is especially good at taking the new residents under her wing and ensuring that all the residents are happy and entertained.

Marion’s diverse and extensive resume gives her the skills to be a versatile volunteer for Sunrise of Chorleywood. As a fellow retiree she is able to connect with the residents and brings joy to the people’s lives she touches. Her colleagues find her an invaluable member of the team and one said they would “be lost without her”.

Marion has had an adventurous career and life, at the age of 21 she moved from Canada to London. Upon her arrival Marion took up a wide array of jobs as a Club Promoter, Actress, Copy Typist, Media Manager, and Media Director. Marion’s wide array of jobs lead her to meet the publishers of the Daily Mail where she was asked to form a marketing company for them called Associated Poster Marketing.

Marion’s exploratory spirit continued on after she retired from her momentous career in 1988. She then began to pursue her love for travel. She has since then gone on many cruises over the last 31 years of her retirement and has visited a total of 64 countries throughout her life.