Miniature Pony is Mane Event at Sunrise of Guildford Care Home

Sunrise  |  February 14, 2020

Sunrise of Guildford care home hosted an extra-special visitor last week. Miniature pony, Christmas Pudding, delighted all residents with her presence and all had a wonderful time.

Christmas Pudding was brought to the home by a local company, Pony Pals. She took a tour and brought a huge smile to all who interacted with her.

Pet therapy is widely recognised as a beneficial treatment for older people. According to research, even a few hours at a time with an animal can help stave off depression and loneliness, and even lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

At Sunrise of Guildford, residents regularly enjoy time with the Deputy Manager’s dog, Gary – who is loved by all. Pet Therapy dogs also visit often.

Christmas Pudding was the icing on the cake.

Lynn Grafham, Deputy Manager at Sunrise of Guildford, said:

“What a wonderful day it was. Residents absolutely love animals and even some of our frailer residents noticeably responded and smiled to Christmas Pudding. Family members as well as our team members were brought to tears by the strong, positive reactions – it was just amazing. She was followed around by some of the residents who were invited to groom her and he truly brought joy to all who met her. We will definitely be inviting her back.”