Charlie the Indian Eagle Owl Visits Residents at Sunrise of Virginia Water Care Home

Sunrise  |  February 4, 2020

Residents at Sunrise of Virginia Water were visited by Charlie the magnificent eight-year-old Indian Eagle Owl on 22nd January.

Sunrise of Virginia Water, which provides specialist dementia care and assisted living, arranged the visit from the Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre. The luxury care home’s pet-friendly nature meant residents could interact with the owl, hold and stroke him.

The visit was extremely memorable and beneficial to the residents, as animals can help them to remain stimulated and engaged. This was just one of many events organised by Sunrise of Virginia Water’s dedicated Activities and Events Coordinator, in order to bring together the community for an exciting and unique experience.

Feathers and Fur Falconry allows for people to really enjoy falconry, and witness the wonderful bond between humans and birds. For many residents, this was the first time they had been so close to an animal like Charlie the Indian Eagle Owl.

Joan Pollard, a resident at Sunrise of Virginia Water said:

“I never thought at my age, 100 years old, that I would have the opportunity to handle an owl, what a lovely thing to do. Charlie was beautiful. I loved his feathers and the tufts that looked like he had ears. He was very soft and silky to stroke. He was so well behaved as he sat on my arm. His claws looked very sharp but I had a big leather glove on so I didn’t feel a thing.”

Margot Haynes, a resident at Sunrise of Virginia Water said:

“Charlie was adorable and soft to touch. He was very big when he flapped his wings, I really enjoyed meeting him.”

Pam Miller, a resident at Sunrise of Virginia Water added:

“I had an interesting time learning about Charlie. He is a dear big boy and very handsome.”

Samantha Wells, Activities and Events Coordinator at Sunrise of Virginia Water said:

“This was truly a memorable afternoon for all our residents, some had never seen an owl like Charlie before, and now many of them have held him! We always seek to give our residents incredible and unique experiences that they can treasure. This is just one of many things that makes Sunrise of Virginia Water such an exciting place to live and work.”