Sunrise Senior Living UK Trials Social Care Recruitment App ‘Florence'

Sunrise  |  January 2, 2020

Sunrise UK has recently implemented the innovative tech-based social care recruitment app ‘Florence’ on a three-month trial basis.

This pioneering app directly connects care homes to local, pre-vetted registered general nurses and care workers.

It offers independent nurses and care workers the opportunity to specify precise shifts and locations that they can work and gain access to pieces of vital information, such as parking availability, pay and details of the care home. After each shift, the care workers, nurses and the care homes can rate each other, helping to encourage personal accountability on both sides.

Several Sunrise homes have implemented Florence to try and build a network of regular temporary staff that can become friendly faces as and when they are needed. Florence’s ability to tailor to individual care home needs in turn, compliments the truly person centred care that Sunrise prides itself on providing.

Founder and Managing Director of Florence, Charles Armitage, noted the personalisation Florence offers, through the in-app feature allowing homes to ‘favourite’ nurses, and care workers, which means they are selectively invited to all future shifts. The aim of this, according to Charles, is to help care homes create their own “pool of caring, effective and reliable workers”.

This has proved a particularly successful part of the trial Sunrise. Monika K who worked at Sunrise of Esher through Florence, highlighted the friendliness of the team and manager. Monika said: "I'm booked in for more shifts next week!”. 

Sunrise’s Talent Acquisition Manager, David Evans, stated that Florence has allowed workers such as Monika to “create a meaningful, regular flexible working pattern. Without Florence they would just be sitting by the phone until their agency calls them.”

Not only is Florence providing a more pleasant experience for temporary workers at Sunrise homes, but it is also allowing for highly automated functions such as streamlined timesheets and pre-employability compliance checks through the app. This ensures that the high quality of care provided by all permanent team members at Sunrise is replicated by temporary workers, who according to David, “really feel a part of our environment”.

David added: "We are living in a world where demand for social care is increasingly on the rise, and ensuring the quality of temporary workers can often be a complex task. Florence has allowed Sunrise homes to modernise their temporary recruitment processes.

General Manager of Sunrise Beaconsfield, Emma Franklin said: "We posted three shifts one day, and we  received a reply for all three of them straight away. The app is just brilliant."

Charles Armitage's grandfather was cared for by Sunrise team members. Charles added: "Sunrise have a reputation for extremely high-quality care. The opportunity to work with their homes is real validation for Florence."