Pedro the donkey visits residents at Sunrise of Esher care home

Sunrise  |  December 12, 2019

Residents at Sunrise of Esher care home were delighted to receive a special visit from assisted therapy donkey, Pedro, last week.

Danny Donkey and pals organise for their gentle and friendly donkeys to make regular visits to care homes. They are specially trained to interact with older people, as well as those living with certain conditions or disabilities.

The pet-friendly nature of the community meant Pedro could have a look round the Bistro and lounge. He was not so keen on the idea of taking the lift and instead opted for a trip up the stairs, as he made his way up to the first and second floor - to ensure all the residents had the opportunity to meet him.

Joanna Perry, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Esher, said:

“Pedro's visit brought so much joy and excitement to all. One resident said that seeing Pedro allowed them to reminisce about their childhood, as it reminded them of their grandparent’s farm. Another resident proclaimed that Pedro was their ‘new best friend’.”

Sunrise of Esher provides high-quality, personalised dementia care and assisted living services to older people.