Sunrise of Winchester Care Home Celebrates Four Weeks of ‘Travelling the World’

Residents and team members at Sunrise of Winchester care home are now over 4 weeks into their 12-week journey visiting new countries each week from the comfort of their care home.

Now, one month in, they have visited France, Spain, Italy and Greece, celebrating each country by organising various activities and events. Residents have taken part in language lessons, virtual tours of famous landmarks, enjoyed local music, and experienced each country’s culinary delights as prepared by the care home’s dining team.

In their first week, residents headed to France which proved a popular destination, with many having either lived in France or spent memorable holidays there and were happy to share their stories. The care home also used a Motiview exercise bike to virtually cycle through Paris where they enjoyed spectacular sights and shared memories of their own visits to the French capital. One of the care home’s residents, who speaks fluent French, also sang along to French songs while lunch was served.

The care home then re-embarked on their journey, arriving in Spain. As a favourite holiday destination for many residents and even the home of one resident for three years, this leg of the trip was enjoyed by all. A friend of the care home, Jonathan Prag, also visited Sunrise of Winchester to play Spanish guitar music for residents and team members during the week.

Continuing on their travels, Sunrise of Winchester touched down in Italy. Here, soprano singer Claire Rutter, supported by one of her students, delivered a mesmerising opera performance which was spoken about fondly for days after by residents.

Most recently, the care home has been enjoying the rich cultures of Greece. This was a week of arts and crafts for residents, with many decorating Greek vases and pots. Residents studied examples of traditional designs and developed their own unique colour schemes to adorn the beautiful objects.

Speaking of their journey so far, Jim Retter, a resident at the care home said:

“It has been really nice to try lots of different cuisines from all of the countries we have visited. I particularly enjoyed the French food we had.”

Frances Bussell, another resident at the care home, said:

“The opera singer who came to perform for us when we had the Italian week was wonderful. I do hope she will come again.”

For the remaining eight weeks, Sunrise of Winchester will go on to visit countries including South Africa, Mexico, China and India.

The extensive travel itinerary has been launched as part of Sunrise Senior Living UK’s #NewDawnNewDay campaign to encourage those who may be considering moving into a care home to take the step with a sense of reassurance in this new chapter of their lives.


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