Sunrise of Mobberley Care Home Celebrates Five Weeks ‘Travelling Around the World’

Residents and team members at Sunrise of Mobberley care home are now over 5 weeks into their 12-week journey visiting new countries each week from the comfort of their care home.

Now, over one month in, they have visited France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and South Africa, celebrating each country by organising various activities and events. Residents have taken part in language lessons, virtual tours of famous landmarks, enjoyed local music, and experienced each country’s culinary delights as prepared by the care home’s dining team.

In week one General Manager, and pilot, Lisa Burrows, along with Director of Community Relations, Dawn Williams, helped residents of Sunrise of Mobberley, board a flight to the heart of France, Paris. Upon arrival they headed to the centre of the city, flags in hand, to see the sights of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a glass (or two!) of French Champagne. Later into the afternoon they settled down for a game of casino roulette, accompanied by a fabulous display of homemade French cakes, pastries and delights.

The residents then jetted south for a visit to Spain. Here residents arrived in Barcelona with tour guides, and Head Office Managers at Mobberley, Pete Windham and Sarah Ibrahim. Treated to delicious paella and crema Catalana, the entertainment that followed included Flamenco dancing for the ladies, and the ‘El Clasico’ match between Barcelona and Real Madrid for the gentlemen.

Week three saw the care home continue their trip around the world in 12 weeks with a visit to Italia. Residents got the full Milan experience of a catwalk fashion show, won by lead concierge Alison Fawkner, and also managed to fit in a quick virtual trip to the city of Venice. With no journey to Italy complete without its food, residents enjoyed a fabulous Italian feast, including homemade pizzas, made by the fantastic catering team.

Sunrise of Mobberley then jetted a short distance across the Mediterranean to Greece. Upon arrival, residents and team members virtually visited The Parthenon, a former temple of the Athenian Acropolis, dedicated to Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. After a busy day learning more about the county’s culture and history, everybody at the home enjoyed a Greek God Event accompanied by fabulous food, where Helen Leadbeater, the home’s fantastic pastry chef, was awarded the Heart and Soul Award.

Most recently, the care home continued their journey with a trip to South Africa. They went on to enjoy the sights and wonders of the big five game animals, including lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and Cape buffalo. After such escapades, the residents enjoyed a fun game of rugby between themselves and the ‘Mobberley Springboks Team’. Judy Cooke, Sunrise of Mobberley’s very own South African resident, said she, “loved taking part in todays themed event”, and “seeing her stunning beloved homeland shown off.”

Speaking on the campaign so far as a whole, resident Margaret Davies noted, “over the years I have visited most major tourist attractions around the world with my husband. However, one lifetime wish was visiting the floating city of Venice. We had always wanted to visit but just had never got there. So today was such a treat to see the large display of photographs and watching such interesting documentaries on Italy and Venice in particular.”

Fleur Clover, also at the home, iterated her enjoyment of the past several weeks, adding, “these weeks have been fabulous, I have been explaining to new residents about the amazing events Sunrise of Mobberley normally hold. One of the main reasons I chose to move into Sunrise many years ago was for the company and entertainment such as what we’ve been treated to."

For the remaining seven weeks, Sunrise of Mobberley will go on to visit countries including the UK, Mexico, China and India.

The extensive travel itinerary has been launched as part of Sunrise Senior Living UK’s #NewDawnNewDay campaign to encourage those who may be considering moving into a care home to take the step with a sense of reassurance in this new chapter of their lives.


To find out more about Sunrise of Mobberley, click here.

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