Sunrise of Banstead Care Home Celebrates Four Weeks ‘Travelling Around The World’

Residents and team members at Sunrise of Banstead care home are now over 4 weeks into their 12-week journey visiting new countries each week from the comfort of their care home.

With a month so far filled with visits to France, England, Italy and Greece, they have celebrated each country by organising various activities and events. Residents have taken part in language lessons, virtual tours of famous landmarks, enjoyed local music, and experienced each country’s culinary delights as prepared by the care home’s dining team.

In their first week residents travelled to the capital of France, Paris. With a virtual tour around the streets of the city, residents at Banstead dived into true Parisian culture, indulged in French Café pastries and coffee, took part in language lessons, and constructed an Eiffel Tower, before rounding off the day with a live performance for the whole community of the Can-Can dance. Bravo!

The residents then arrived back in England just in time to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, where they watched her original Wedding Day, took a virtual tour around the City of London, before sitting down for some afternoon tea at the Ritz and freshly baked scones in the Baking Club. They closed off their time back with a good old fashioned live singalong of pub songs.

The following week everybody was back on the plane for a true taste of Italy, sampling Italian meat and wine in the afternoon, before meandering their way virtually upon a Gondola in Venice. As the day drew, they added a little bit of class and opulence with a Masquerade ball (kitted with homemade masks) and a night at the Opera.

Most recently, the care home travelled to Greece, where residents toured around Mount Athos, before getting stuck into some Greek lessons and ancient games. After such escapades and adventures, they were treated to live Greek singing and dancing at the taverna.

Sue Beck, a resident at the home, noted: “It has been extremely enjoyable to go to places that bring back so many memories and reminisce about our pasts”, adding that she has, “loved watching the virtual tours of each country and being able to bring out my own photos to show to everybody!”

Sally Moroney said: “The staff have worked so hard, and the decoration is brilliant. It’s just a wonderful way to bring everyone together and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.”

For the remaining eight weeks, Sunrise of Banstead will go on to visit countries including South Africa, Mexico, China and India.

The extensive travel itinerary has been launched as part of Sunrise Senior Living UK’s #NewDawnNewDay campaign to encourage those who may be considering moving into a care home to take the step with a sense of reassurance in this new chapter of their lives.


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