Sunrise of Fleet care home celebrates four weeks ‘travelling around the world’

Residents and team members at Sunrise of Fleet care home are now over 4 weeks into their 12-week journey visiting new countries each week from the comfort of their care home.

Now, one month in, they have visited France, England, Italy and Greece, celebrating each country by organising various activities and events. Residents have taken part in language lessons, virtual tours of famous landmarks, enjoyed local music, and experienced each country’s culinary delights as prepared by the care home’s dining team.

In their first week residents travelled to the capital of France, Paris. Here they experienced the sights of the city with a cycle through the streets, before feasting on some cheese and wine in the afternoon and some freshly baked French apple tarts made in the cooking club. As evening drew, staff dressed up in French stripes and beret hats, and residents made and coloured flags, before settling down to watch Les Miserables.

The residents then arrived back in the UK just in time to celebrate the Queen’s birthday with afternoon tea accompanied by baked scones made by the Cooking Club. Later into the week residents were treated to a ‘big fat English quiz’, and an entertainer who sung old English songs in honour of St. Georges Day.

Their visit back home was short but sweet with a trip to Italy the following week. With no journey to Italy complete without its food, the team dressed in gangster inspired outfits, and residents got involved in a pizza making competition, and topped it off with Italian truffles, baked by the Cooking Club. Later into the week the residents had the opportunity to craft Italian themed pinch pots, before closing their trip to Italia watching the Italian Job and listening to romantic Italian songs performed by entertainer Ray Martin.

Most recently, the care home travelled to Greece. During this trip, team members and residents dressed up as gods and goddesses and got to study a Greek fossil artifact. Later into the day they enjoyed watching Captain Corelli’s Mandolin with wine and a fabulous Greek meal made by Fleet’s excellent dining team.

Speaking on the campaign so far, a resident said:

“It has been a real experience seeing the Home decorated each week, it certainly keeps me guessing each Monday!”

Another resident added:

“I have enjoyed the cooking club the most! I have missed baking scones!”

For the remaining weeks, Sunrise of Fleet will go on to visit countries including South Africa, Mexico, China and India.

The extensive travel itinerary has been launched as part of Sunrise Senior Living UK’s #NewDawnNewDay campaign to encourage those who may be considering moving into a care home to take the step with a sense of reassurance in this new chapter of their lives.


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