Sunrise of Bassett Care Home Celebrates Anniversary Of Heart-Warming Friendship

Sunrise of Bassett, a luxury care home provider, is celebrating the anniversary of two resident’s three-year friendship.

Since meeting in June 2018, Peggy Budd and Marjorie Muir have become best friends.

However, prior to arriving at the care home, Peggy was extremely apprehensive about her move. To join the care home meant leaving behind the familiarity and relationships she had established over 16 years of living in her flat.

Nevertheless, for Peggy, living alone had become increasingly challenging, with the management of household chores and cooking becoming more and more tedious.

However, since making the bold decision to move to Sunrise of Bassett, she has not looked back with any regret.

Sunrise of Bassett team could not have chosen a better match-up of residents.
The two established an instant rapport, sharing the same sense of humour, interests and values, even learning that they may well have crossed paths in the past. It was clear a bond had well and truly been formed between Peggy and Marjorie.

Over the past three years, the pair have spent much of their time together. Whilst Peggy is now the Resident Shop Manager at Sunrise of Bassett, and Marjorie enjoys her own hobbies, including reading, knitting, and assisting in the decorative flower arrangements in the dining room. They always make time to enjoy their daily crosswords, chat during mealtime, and visit each other’s bedrooms for a catch-up.

Reflecting on their friendship, Marjorie Muir said:

“Peggy is extremely thoughtful, caring and a supportive friend who always encourages and supports me. She helps me out with the food menu and often surprises me with a sandwich that she brings by my bedroom. These small acts of friendship mean a lot. When Peggy’s daughter visits, she brings me some food and snacks as my daughter lives far away.”

Santa Bukovska, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Bassett added:

“Peggy joined our care home not knowing any of our residents, but, at Sunrise of Bassett, we try to introduce our new residents to others who they share things in common with. This is a perfect example of a friendship that has blossomed over the years. It is so encouraging to see that no matter what age you are and where you live, you can meet good friends for life anywhere.’’

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