Life Doesn’t Stop In A Care Home: Sunrise of Hale Barns Keeps Church Service In House

Sunrise of Hale Barns care home has continued to hold Church services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic; they didn’t want the restrictions to sacrifice aspects of life which matter to residents the most. At Sunrise, it’s a top priority to ensure that residents continue to ‘live with purpose’ and enjoy every moment.

With this in mind, each week, Sunrise of Hale Barns have held a Church service for residents, put on by one of their own, Alma Hepworth. This makes up for the regular Church service that residents used to attend, put on by Mary from All Saints and The Priest from Holy Angels. These services had to unfortunately end due to Covid restrictions.

The activities lounge at the home is carefully set up to emulate a Church layout, and services have been held every Sunday throughout the pandemic. The first service took place on Mothering Sunday March 22nd 2020, the week the UK first underwent lockdown restrictions.

The services have given residents who otherwise would not be able to attend Church a new opportunity to attend a substitute worship place, to pray and sing hymns with their fellow residents. Prayer and hymns are provided on CD, whilst an online BBC service has been introduced recently.

What’s even more special is that residents from a variety of different preferred methods of worship have also attended and worshipped in unison.

Alma, leader of the weekly services, said “the key point for me is that it gives residents the opportunity to sit in quiet prayer, pray for loved ones, for people who are ill, people who are grieving, it doesn’t matter where we worship, we worship together, as Jesus said ‘Where two or three are gathered together there am I in the midst of them’.”

By continuing to be adaptable and innovative, the team at Sunrise of Hale Barns will always ensure residents live their lives to the fullest, are always happy and always fulfilled.


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