Freedom Rose – Remembering John Mason

This April, Sunrise of Winchester unfortunately lost one of their beloved residents, John Mason. John was a resident for 10 years, and in that time became a treasured member of the care home’s family. He has been, and will continue to be, deeply missed.

To celebrate John’s life, and to cherish his memory at Sunrise of Winchester, John’s children have gifted the care home a beautiful yellow rose, named ‘Freedom’. The name originates from his love for sailing boats and will be planted proudly in Sunrise of Winchester’s garden in memory of John.

An injury earlier in his life halted John’s ambitions to become an RAF pilot. Instead, his working life was spent building up a successful and locally famous construction company. But with success, came stresses. John therefore utilised his passion for boats and the sea by using them as a way of escape and relaxation. To John, his boats represented ‘freedom’, and so that is what he christened them all.

John’s other passion in life was love for his family. His son, Chris, has been a world class yachtsman for nearly 40 years. Meanwhile, John’s Grandson Richard, has also had successful sailing career, having been part of the 2012 Olympic Sailing Team and a recent crewman on the GB America’s Cup Entry.

The yellow rose will serve well in John’s memory, and Sunrise of Winchester are grateful its name and affiliation are deeply tied to the one of closest things in John’s life.

Antoinette Roberts, General Manager at Sunrise of Winchester, commented:

“I have worked at Sunrise of Winchester for 8 years and during that time my memories of John are always of what a lovely gentleman he was and his sense of humour, always a cheeky smile and comment, he was a pleasure to know and care for.

“When his family presented the team with a rose for our memorial garden and explained the reason for choosing it, I got goose bumps. Such a thoughtful gesture and one we can all go on to enjoy for many years to come in John’s memory.”


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