“But we are filled with love, and will love at all costs” - Sunrise of Westbourne carer writes heart-warming poem about working in care

Samantha (Sam) Thorniley is a Carer at Sunrise of Westbourne, where she has worked for seven years.

Sam is a mum of five, and she has such a passion for her job. She loves working with residents at Sunrise of Westbourne and is always enthusiastic. She said:

It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I am coming to see my friends, the residents are more like my family. I have worked in many places where the atmosphere is hostile. Sunrise of Westbourne is different, everyone looks out for each other and it is so much fun.

Sam wrote a poem to reflect upon her experience of working as a Carer during the Coronavirus pandemic. It read:

In the shower tonight,

After another long day

I love my job, well what can I say

We look after your grandparents, Your father and brother

Your Uncle and Auntie

Your Sister and Mother


Our backs are aching

Our feet are sore

Our tiredness descends like a wave offshore

I step out of the shower and what do I hear

Shouting, banging, and clapping so clear

Couldn’t believe what I was hearing

All that noise… all that cheering

I dropped to my knees, tears down my cheeks

We must keep going, no matter how many weeks


We don’t think we are heroes

We’re just doing our job

But we are filled with love

And will love at all costs

By Samantha Thorniley, Sunrise of Westbourne


For more information on Sunrise of Westbourne, click here. If you are interested in working at Sunrise, click here.