5 benefits of being a carer

Providing support for your loved ones can put everything from your time management skills to your ability to cope with stress to the test. While caring for older family members is something that a lot of people enjoy, the health benefits of supporting them are often overshadowed by the financial stress and anxiety associated with being a full-time carer. However, there are plenty of rewarding aspects that shouldn't be overlooked. Here are five mental and physical advantages that come with caring for your loved ones:

1. You become a lot wiser

Your loved ones have seen a lot of the world and witnessed many events you've only read about in history books. Listening to their tales about living through wars or historic events can fill you with wisdom and open your eyes to a different view of the world. Personal stories, whether they're about the first time they met their life partner or witnessed a significant national event, can highlight how times have changed and transport you back to another period. Ask your family members about their pasts, as people often find comfort and joy in reminiscing and discussing fond memories. You can also learn from their regrets or triumphs and apply them to your life.

2. The importance of physical health is emphasised

You probably know that exercising and eating nutritious foods is important to maintaining good physical health. However, when you're caring for someone with a chronic condition or diseases, you become fully aware of exactly what it takes to avoid these illnesses. As you assist your loved ones with improving their diet and getting their 150 minutes of physical activity per week, these good habits may eventually rub off on you.

Seeing how these lifestyle changes positively affect your relatives will encourage you when finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging. Seeing blood pressure or cholesterol dropping to healthy levels as a result of a daily walk can be positive proof that exercise benefits the body.

Going on a walk with your loved one every day will help both of you maintain your physical health.Going for a walk with your loved one every day will help both of you maintain your physical health.

3. You learn to prioritise social interaction

Spending time with those who matter to you and staying in touch with loved ones who live far away is important. This becomes clear as you care for your older relatives. Hearing stories about how much they miss certain individuals can make you realise how important the people you have in your life are to you and that you may need to make more of an effort to stay in touch with them.

"Spending time with those who matter to you is essential." Staying socially engaged doesn't have to be limited to spending time with family members and close friends, however. Meeting new people and participating in regular events has been proven to keep the brain healthy, according to the NHS. Help your loved ones stay mentally stimulated by encouraging them to enjoy gatherings at locations like their local community centre or their local care home.

4. You're able to give back

If you're caring for your parents or a family member, supporting them as they age is an opportunity to be there for them like they were for you. This is often one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a carer for someone you love. Taking care of mum and dad when they're ill or are no longer able to perform daily tasks on their own may bring you back to when you were young and relied on their assistance on a regular basis. One of the best ways to say thank you for your parents' guidance and care throughout the years is being there to support them and make a difference in their lives when they need you most.

5. You gain a deep appreciation for life

Realising everything from the importance of physical health to regular social interactions gives you a deeper appreciation of the gift of life. Being by the side of someone as they grow older allows you to see what it truly means to be resilient and make the most of life.

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