New 'dementia friendly' crockery launched

Around 850,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with dementia. In addition to having trouble remembering people and events, many people living with memory loss deal with several other symptoms, such as difficulty seeing and swallowing. Sunrise Senior Living has ensured its residents are able to enjoy their meals with ease by working with leading pottery manufacturers to create a new range of dementia-friendly crockery.

According to Care Industry News, it's estimated that around 60 per cent of people with dementia experience problems with their sight as a symptom of the condition. This makes it challenging to perform essential tasks like eating. As consuming the proper nutrients each day is important to maintaining good health, the Alzheimer's Society says that ensuring dementia patients are eating and drinking is one of the most common but important challenges for carers.

The new crockery at Sunrise was specially designed to make sure that symptoms of dementia, such as difficulty differentiating between colours, don't get in the way of eating. The new range is now in use at all Sunrise communities throughout the UK.

How does the new crockery help residents?

 The crockery was developed by professionals in accordance with the needs of people experiencing the effects of memory loss. Those with arthritis will also benefit, as the crockery may reduce the pain associated with cutting, lifting and gripping objects. The crockery was tested before it was distributed to the Sunrise care homes with trials that showed the plates and cutlery were effective at enhancing the diets of the residents who used them.

At Sunrise Senior Living, our caregivers work hard to enhance the lives of our residents.

At Sunrise Senior Living, carers work hard to enhance the lives of residents. "We have been looking at every element of the crockery that we use for several years, from colour to size and plate depths," says Sunrise UK's Managing Director Amanda Scott. "As a result we are thrilled to be able to roll out these new designs, which will boost the independence of residents in Sunrise communities up and down the UK."

People living with arthritis and dementia should find it easier to put food on their forks and spoons, as the plates are deeper than usual wares. Larger handles on cups also make it easier to grab and hold onto drinks.

Colours remind residents of the past

When people living with dementia lose the ability to tell the difference between certain colours, this includes the inability to see their food against their plates and the cutlery against the table. To ensure that this is no longer a problem, the new crockery was designed in a bright, bold blue colour complemented by white stripes to make the plates more easily distinguishable from residents' meals and tables.

Many of the residents have reported that the blue and white stripes remind them of their pasts, as the pattern was also used on popular crockery from the 1920s called Cornishware.

The launch of the new dementia-friendly crockery by Sunrise Senior Living is part of the care home group's ongoing drive to ensure high quality nutrition and hydration for residents. Sunrise chefs have won national care home catering awards for the past two years. Sunrise also has its own national head of nutrition and the ability to instantly analyse every meal to assess its nutritional content. To learn more about nutrition for older people and the steps Sunrise takes to ensure balanced and healthy eating, contact Sunrise directly.