Rosemary OsmanRosemary Osman

Tenure at Sunrise Senior Living

I have worked for Sunrise Senior Living for 4 years, and really enjoy it. I think what makes it so special is the respect that we all have for each other in our homes. People are constantly telling me it is something they notice straight away when they visit our homes.

Experience at Sunrise Senior Living

I come from a nursing background and I really wanted to work for a company that truly cared and I found that at Sunrise, I started in Cardiff as a Director of Community Relations working with families who were just starting to look for care. It was wonderful to see people’s reaction when they were shown our homes and when they spoke with staff and residents.

My role has changed in the last year and I now speak with people who are beginning their search, making that initial enquiry can be very hard for families. I like to feel that I am here to help and support and answer as many questions as I can.

I know that when their loved ones come to Sunrise they will really love it.

Why do I love working for Sunrise Senior Living

Being a senior or having dementia is no reason to stop enjoying life.  One of my favourite memories from my time at Cardiff is that of a brewery trip, arranged for all the gentleman from both our memory care and assisted living neighbourhoods. They all came back very jolly and with a look of real pleasure on their faces…a real sign of enjoyment!

My best advice to families or seniors looking for senior living: 
"Ask questions…I love inquisitive people! Please know that no question is a silly question - you can only make an informed decision if you have the information, so ask away!”

And come and visit us, come and see what makes us so different.

Contact Rosemary Osman at 01883 708 431, ext. 28