Care & Support Services At Sunrise Senior Living

Care & Support Services

Nursing Care

Many Sunrise care homes are registered for nursing care – just like an ordinary nursing home for the elderly, but with all the Sunrise Signatures that make life more enjoyable in your later years. Older people who are recovering from an injury or hospitalization, or have a long-term condition can benefit from nursing care.

Dementia Care

Every Sunrise care home features a dedicated, specialised dementia care area that is devoted entirely to residents who are living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other forms of memory loss. We call it our ‘Reminiscence’ neighbourhood.

It’s the same high quality, individualised care that you’ll find in the assisted living neighbourhoods of our care homes – but with a specialised focus on caring for people who are living with the effects of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is for people who value their independence, but need some help with day-to-day activities, such as dressing, bathing or taking medication. Exactly how much care is needed, will depending on the unique needs of the individual. Residents still have access to all the social activities should they wish to take part!

Independent Living

Sunrise of Frognal House offers Independent Living to a limited number of residents. As the name suggests, Independent Living is a lifestyle that can require no care services – although they are still available should you need them.

Independent Living is like living in your own home, but without the worry of maintenance, chores or even the cooking.

To find out more, contact Frognal House directly.

Respite Care

Respite care stays are a great option for a short stay in one of our Sunrise communities. This could be because a carer is unavailable for a short period due to work, family commitments or a planned holiday. A respite stay at a Sunrise community is also a viable option for extra assistance following a recent hospital visit.

Couples and Companion Living

Companion Living at Sunrise offers the perfect solution to share a suite and living space with a loved one - partners, relatives, friends or anyone who believes that two’s company. The companion suites offer the benefit of two rooms and a shared kitchen/living area, meaning that you can configure the space to suit your needs.

There are numerous benefits to living at Sunrise with someone else:

  • Reduce your expenses Save money by sharing the cost of a suite and fees, without compromising space and privacy
  • Ease the transition Moving to an assisted living community is easier with a room-mate to offer a warm welcome
  • Bond and connect Companion living facilitates genuine friendship and social engagement within the community
  • Get more involved Social confidence leads to greater participation in activities that nurture the mind, body and spirit
  • Boost your health Living with another resident fosters better eating habits, improve sleeping patterns and increase energy
  • Improve your mood Sharing a suite helps relieve natural feelings of isolation and depression that can occur in later years
  • Moving into Sunrise on your own? Many bonds and close friendships are born from sharing your living space with another resident. We can pair you with a resident based on similarities and common backgrounds

Palliative Care

Ultimately, we all want to end our lives in quiet dignity, free from pain, in a place where we feel at home, surrounded by family or friends. At Sunrise, our palliative care services are provided with the care, compassion and professionalism that both the resident and their families need during this final challenge in everyone’s life.

The final stages of a person’s life can be even more of a complicated and emotionally overwhelming experience for the family of someone with late-stage dementia or a terminal illness. As well as providing support and care, Sunrise staff will work with medical staff, hospices and other professionals whenever needed in order to provide a comfortable environment for the resident and to relieve suffering as much as possible.

We provide tailored emotional support and practical guidance for families and friends throughout end of life care.