Sunrise of Esher

Events at Sunrise of Esher

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Our monthly activities calendar includes Brain Gymnastics, Boccia and gentle, seated exercise classes. All these activities and more help to provide our residents with a full and active social life that stimulates the mind, spirit and body.

Coffee Morning - The last Wednesday of every month at 10.30am. Feel free to join us for morning coffee and great company.

Tai Chi with Charles - Every Thursday morning at 10.15. Charles is a very experienced Tai Chi instructor, he combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow movements. This is a seated class and takes place in our Activities Lounge.

1940's Musical Nostalgia Day

Resources to Remember: 1940's Muiscal Nostalgia Day

Revisiting the 1940's - 11th November

Celebrate the 1940's in this trip down memory lane. A performance by Jane Cuva, including hits from the big shows of the era, will highlight the musical event. The music will be accompanied by a 1940's style buffet. No ration cards required.
Dementia Art Therapy

Resources to Remember: Dementia Art Therapy

Dementia Art Therapy - 14th November

A local artist will be leading this hands-on arts and crafts session. It's a chance to bypass the verbal roadblocks laid down by dementia, and express your creative potential.