Sunrise of Chorleywood

Meet Our Team

One of the reasons why every Sunrise home is much more than just a care home is the team of people working there. Every hour of every day, Sunrise team members are working to make sure that our residents enjoy life as fully as possible. Here are just a few of the people you’ll find at your local Sunrise care home.

Gillian Hudson, General Manager

As General Manager of Sunrise of Chorleywood I am privileged to lead a beautiful, vibrant community with a wealth of dedicated staff who aim to deliver the highest standards of care to our residents and who often go beyond the call of duty to make a difference in our community.

Fiona Kazaza, Assisted Living Co-ordinator


As Assisted Living Co-ordinator, I make sure that our residents’ wellbeing and their needs come first. I also work hard to make sure that all our residents are treated with respect and dignity promoting independence and individuality through person-centred care.

Activities of daily life are delivered to the highest standard, providing consistency and high quality care. Sunrise of Chorleywood team members provide the love, passion, fun and laughter that our seniors need.

Laura Baranyai-Szabo, Reminiscence Co-ordinator

I have been with Sunrise for over five years and have loved every role that I have worked in. I am passionate about dementia care and strive to make each day meaningful for every resident. I find the role very rewarding and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Dementia care is not just a job for me it is a vocation. I am grateful that I have such an extraordinary team that provide the highest standard of care for our residents.

Carol Elligott, Activities Co-ordinator


At Chorleywood we work hard to make sure that our residents feel at home. We provide a varied calendar of activities and interesting outings as well as much needed shopping trips. The activities team like to spend time with residents to get to know them as well as possible.

I like to think of our community as a big family and our residents and team members seem to feel the same. We have seen our community grow in the six years since we opened and the things that have always remained constant are the dedication and the love that the team show to our residents.

We have fun and plenty of very special moments together and we try to ensure that there are always lots of smiles all round.

Julie Woolf, Director of Community Relations

My role is to meet families and potential residents when first enquiring to Sunrise, to ascertain what they are looking for and how we can be of assistance. As well as showing the facilities that we have at Chorleywood and how each aspect can benefit them, I guide families through the process of moving to us and give suggestions on funding for care fees, removals, etc. It can be daunting when you first think about moving but my aim is to make it as easy as possible from start to finish. Having been in this role for over seven years now, I can honestly say I love my job. Seeing a resident, who was struggling at home, joining in our activities and making new friends is the most rewarding thing.

Amanda Dixey, Associate Director of Community Relations


As associate Director of Community Relations, part of my role is to assist and support families and friends in finding the right environment for their parents or loved ones.

I am proud to work as part of a great team for Sunrise of Chorleywood who deliver highly personalised care in beautiful surroundings in the utmost professional way, showing genuine passion and commitment to all of our Residents and their families.

Care Staff

Championing the quality of life for all seniors - it’s the mission and responsibility of every Sunrise team member. To achieve that, we invest in our care team. New team members complete a comprehensive Sunrise training curriculum focused on the care and wellbeing of our residents.

New team members receive
60+ hrs
of training in their first 30 days
Leaders receive an additional
72+ hrs
of training to help teams meet Sunrise standards
200k+ hrs
of continuing education for Sunrise team members each year
We adjust staffing
365 days
a year based on the number of residents and care needed

Where to Find Us

High View,
Chorleywood, Rickmansworth,
To enquire, call: 01923 381005 To contact a resident call: 01923 287 750