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Resident and Family Testimonials

No one describes their experience at Sunrise of Cardiff better than our very own residents and families. Read some of our favourite testimonials below.

"The food is superb"

I came here needing some help and the care that I have been given is excellent. The food is really superb. When I came to Sunrise I needed to put weight I need to lose it! I am going to have to stop having my soups! On a serious note. I cannot say one bad thing about it here, everyone is so caring. - John Byron - Resident, Sunrise of Cardiff

"The best move I have ever made"

I came here with the intention of staying just a month and have now been here 5 years and it is the best move I have ever made. I really love the fact that every day I have the choice of what I am going to do. I can choose to join in with activities or, if I want, I can find somewhere quiet or I can even stay in my own room, but I really enjoy the company of everyone here at Sunrise of Cardiff so I like to join in as many activities as possible. In particular I enjoy  the trips. I like to go twice a week and they are so varied, shopping trips, visit to the seaside….yesterday was lovely we went to Tintern for the day and it was super. Of course, the food is excellent too and it keeps on getting better. I don’t know how the chefs do it. - Rosemary White - Resident, Sunrise of Cardiff

"Everyone is so welcoming..."

I have been visiting Rosemary for the past 5 years, although we have been friends for about 60 years. I have always been really impressed with what I see here. What I like is the variety of places you can sit in. You have a choice of being quiet or joining in. Everyone is so welcoming to visitors and it is a lovely place to spend the afternoon. On numerous occasions I have suggested to my friend that we should swop places…she can live in my flat and I will come here. Funnily enough, she never takes me up on my offer! - Joyce Kerr - Regular visitor to Sunrise

"Thank you all..."

Whilst Mum was initially disorientated,she then settled and we saw a happy,contented (and busy!) woman,a Mum we had not seen in a very long time. We left feeling very contented and it is now up to us to stop worrying and leave Mum's care in the very capable hands of the Sunrise staff. Thank you all yet again,we are so pleased she has settled so quickly which is all due to the wonderful care you provide. - Family Member, Sunrise of Cardiff
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