Bollywood Comes To Bramhall


Bollywood arrived at Sunrise of Bramhall recently, as part of its unique Transatlantic Cruise Ship experience, which aims to bring countries and cultures to the living room of the community.

The idea behind Sunrise of Bramhall’s very own Transatlantic Cruise Ship is to enable residents to have a regular cruise ship experience, stopping off at different destinations around the world. As part of this, every few months, a day is designed around a different country, where the cruise ship would stop. The menus, staff outfits and activities and events reflect the destination of the cruise.

This month, the residents’ virtual reality style tour of the word has stopped in India. Ria Meera Munshi from RI RI Dance Academy made a guest appearance, performing and teaching the residents inspirational Bollywood dancing. Residents and guests were all keen to be involved, and learnt some of the classic Bollywood dance moves.

After Ria’s performance, residents, guests and staff enjoyed traditional and authentic Indian feast, prepared especially by Sunrise of Bramhall’s kitchen team.

This month’s event follows the Mediterranean adventure enjoyed by the residents in March. The next destination on the Sunrise of Bramhall Cruise Ship radar is Hawaii’s Aloha State. Each island in Hawaii is distinctive in character, with Oahu being lively, Maui being captivating, Kauai perfect for rejuvenating and Hawaii Island being the place for the adventurer. Every aspect of the six islands will be reflected on the day, with ‘tropical’ entertainment being provided, with music and a BBQ in Sunrise of Bramhall’s beautiful landscape gardens. 

The ship is also set to sail to Scandinavia in October to taste the traditional meatballs, köttbullar, and some classic Abba songs. The voyage will end in December, stopping in Germany, and will bring a taste of the famous Christmas markets to the residents of Sunrise of Bramhall.

Dawn Williams, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Bramhall said:

We have been delighted to host our second Sunrise of Bramhall’s Transatlantic Cruise Ship event, which this month stopped in India. It was brilliant to see the residents and guests so keen to get involved with the activities, be in such awe of Ria’s incredible dancing and to taste a whole range of different and new food. At Sunrise of Bramhall, ensuring that residents have the opportunity to take part in activities and experience unique events like this is at the forefront of everything we do.”

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